Mini Mindless Music Bash - 2017

M. E.  Law


Canadian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist m.e. law (Marion Law), has recorded 3 albums and hundreds of thousands of people have been entertained at her live and broadcast shows. m.e.’s music credits range from documentary film to reality tv to a George Romero zombie film. A SOCAN member.

Looking for folky, bluesy, witty, powerful lyrics, unique, amazing voice and range?  Pop, ballad, soul, country, blues, even a bit of a Latin vibe, romance, tragedy, comedy - its all there. And covers? When M.E. sings it, it's hers.

Peace, Love, Death, and Chocolate is her fourth album, her 1st full length collaboration produced with award winning tone guru, Nick Blagona, recorded in 2013 in both Ontario, Canada & San Diego, CA

"A mix of pop and modern folk with a generous splash of jazz, blues and country wrapped around clever lyrics and heartfelt storytelling"

LMAO is M.E.'s newest CD, a hilarious tribute to the world gone silly. It features songs like "Laughing my AO" and "Validation Junkie"

"Listen carefully or you might miss a zinger or two."