Mini Mindless Music Bash - 2017

The Music . . .

The Singer/Songwriter Music Lineup

Bob Karwin, Singer/songwriter and occasional sayer-of-funny-things. A little country, a little calypso, a little rum, delicious. TRMA and SDPHC Entertainer of the Year 2016.    

Pup Morse, the Scuba Cowboy. If you like Country, Trop Rock and "Scubarribbean" music you're gonna love this guy. He likes almost all genres of music as long as it's not angry or hateful.

M.E. Law, Multi-talented singer, songwriter, artist and filmmaker. A mix of pop and modern folk with a generous splash of jazz, blues and country, wrapped around clever lyrics and heartfelt storytelling.       

Rob Mehl writes acoustic beach ballads & island jazz, plays guitar and ukulele, tells stories between songs, and believes the audience 'splash zone' should reach all the way to the back row!

Drop Dead Dangerous is a dynamite duo of hotness! Melanie Howe, multitalented percussionist, and Kitty Steadman, tiny but dynamic singer and songwriter.

The Djembabe - Melanie Howe brings a unique flair to the stage with her wide repertoire of musical style as a conguero, drum set player, hand drummer, multi-percussionist & back up singer.



"Life can be a party if we don't over-think it,

sometimes the heart and body need a say.

It's a celebration, we may over-drink it,

if life becomes a party everyday.

Tonight's the Meeting of the Mindless,

bring a heart full of kindness,

leave your Mind

in a basket by the door.

This Meeting of the Mindless

isn't for the weak or spineless,

it's a NO-BRAINER that's for sure!"

- M.E. LAW